Exciting creative collaborations are to follow the launch of ‘a bodily writing’ at London’s Southbank centre this Summer. Below is a list of workshops and events taking place from the Autumn through to the new year. To book on any one of these courses please read the relevant information attached.


Poetry and dance workshop with Helen Calcutt at Library of Birmingham.

Birmingham Literature Festival invites you to take part in a new movement and language project led by dance artist and poet Helen Calcutt.

This two-hour taster workshop will introduce new ways of thinking about movement and the dialogue between dance and verse, bringing the ideas, patterns, rhythm, and shapes of language to life.

Participants will explore the physicality of language, engaging with a series of quick energetic creative tasks, learning and then adding to movement phrases developed in choreography from Owen Sheers’ poem ‘Last Act’.
Participants will explore rhythm, contact, tension and release, the manipulation of space, and play with extensions of time.  This workshop will explore how the energy of poetry can be transposed into movement, offering participants the chance to engage with their own responses and ideas, with quick-fire group work, bursts of writing, and physical choreography.

This is a chance for professionals and/or learners of both dance and poetry to explore their art-form in a different way. To be challenged, surprised, and engage with the potential dialogue between language and movement.
The workshop will be followed by a public showing of the pieces devised, with each group performing their choreography together in the round.

Workshop runs October 7th
5.30 – 6.30pm
Informal public showing:  7pm

To registerbarefootartsbrum@gmail.com (contact is subject to change)



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