Helen aspires to a compelling, full-bodied method of movement, combining earthy, dynamic rhythms with release-based flow. She teaches and choreographs across the U.K., specialising in contemporary movement, Cuban-salsa, and commercial dance.

Helen is a seasoned performer, dancing professionally from as young as sixteen. To date she has collaborated/created original choreography/directed movement for: Midland’s Actor’s Theatre, Regional Voice, Def Motion, the Birmingham Int. Dance Festival, Southside Producers, Integra Lab, The Birmingham Weekender. She also works in independent film. Helen often uses text and voice in her work, and in 2018 founded ‘Beyond Words’, a dance-theatre project committed to developing new work that combines language and movement.
Titles include Last Act, showcased at the Birmingham Literature Festival, Marina, developed and performed at the Southbank Centre in London, and The Darlaston Dog Fight, a full-length interdisciplinary  production performed at The Arena Theatre.

As a teacher Helen is known for  her positive energy and diverse approach to learning. She teaches for The DanceXchange, The Birmingham Hippdrome, One Dance UK, and in third-year vocational dance study. She also specialises in Early Stages creative development. Her practice is accredited with U.K.A. Dance. Helen originally studied modern dance and jazz with U.K.A. and CHB Performing Arts, and is a qualified creative practitioner with Creative Alliance.