Body Bound

‘Exploring the body as a powerhouse of emotional storytelling’

Helen’s choreographic practice is rooted in theatre, where she brings together the physical pathways of dance, with the impressions and patterns of words. She is driven to explore the body as a power-house of emotional storytelling, and is inspired to work with live music and voice, as well as language and text.


Helen works collaboratively as a choreographer and movement director, fostering an open, and creative dynamic. She is motivated to create compelling, immersive dance performances for both professional, and aspiring performers, of all ages and backgrounds.


Recent works

In July 2020, Helen was commissioned to choreograph and perform three poetry-inspired dance pieces for Apple’s Made In LDN Speak Out showcase. The poems were written by three young female writers from the HAY Youth programme. In September 2020, she was invited to work as choreographer by Midland’s Actor’s Theatre on their immersive, site-specific production ‘Descent’. Helen was lead choreographer on Regional Voice Theatre’s explosive production ‘The Darlaston Dog Fight’, which played at The Arena Theatre in March 2018.

Helen has also created performances for the Birmingham Literature Festival, Poetry International Festival, Cloud Dance, BIDF, and the Birmingham Weekender Festival.

Images © Wayne Fox Photography, Tina Barnes and the Birmingham Lit Festival.