Helen’s choreographic practice is rooted in the conversation between text and movement, bringing together the non-verbal power of dance, with the music and inspiration of words. She also enjoys combining a variety genres and techniques, blending styles, and playing  with new movement vocabulary.

Whether working within contemporary disciplines, or live action scenes and fight choreography, attention is always given to a sense of dynamism and flow, all the while searching for new narratives, and  body-bound approaches to storytelling.

Helen is artistic director of new, dance-theatre company ‘Beyond Words’

‘Last Act’ Birmingham Literature Festival
dog fight 6
Darlaston Dog Fight, Arena Theatre


‘Stay’ rehearsals, Birmingham Weekender 2017


‘The Descent’ Midland’s Actor’s  Theatre (forthcoming 2019)

Dance poetry film ‘Naked’ forthcoming 2019, produced by Redstorm Productions.

I’d Do It All Again, Midland’s Actor’s Theatre, June 2018. 

The Darlaston Dog Fight, The Arena Theatre, March 2018

Beyond Words’, commissioned by Southside Producers, open air Weekender Festival, 2017

The Darlaston Dog Fight, (showcase)  The Arena Theatre in March 2016

‘Sexy Back’ Big John’s Mela Festival, June 2016

Marina’, solo work devised and performed at The Southbank Centre as, Poetry International International Festival,

Last Act, text by Owen Sheers. Commissioned by the Birmingham Literature Festival, and performed in The New Library of Birmingham, October 2014

Four Squares, contemporary performance. International Dance Festival, June 2014