Teaching is integral to Helen’s practice as a dance artist. She has shared her interdisciplinary approach to dance and choreography with Universities, schools, on professional development programmes, skills & sharing symposiums, with touring theatre companies, and professional dancers.

While Helen specialises in text, and poetry-inspired approaches to creating new choreography, she also leads technique-focused sessions in Contemporary dance, and facilitates creative classes in improvisation for solo and ensemble work.


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Helen’s contemporary class draws on her training in modern dance and Cuban rumba. Attention is given to the dual principles of grounding and flight, combining earthy, energetic rhythms with release techniques and floorwork.

Helen’s dynamic choreographic work is also blended into class delivery, further exploring playful techniques in improvisation and group work. Her in-depth experience of movement direction, allows her to help others shape, and define the broader, physical realities of their movement. Her experiences of jazz and lyrical dance as a professional dancer, are also incorporated.


Helen also teaches the Cuban styles of Salsa, Rumba, and Son, bringing her skills as an experienced salsa performer and social dancer into the studio.

Her classes encourage dancers to explore rhythm through the body, combining the principles of body isolation, footwork, and placement, with all the colour and flare of Cuban styling. Students are also guided through techniques in improvisation for smooth, effective partner-work, both for lead and follow.

Helen also teaches Suelta (solo salsa) classes in both ladies and men’s styling, and teaches from beginner to advanced level.

Helen is a very personable and responsive tutor who can instantly make others feel at ease so they can truly enjoy their dance experience. We have worked with Helen on many projects, and can rely on her to deliver high quality experiences that are always people-centred.”

Alexandra Henwood – Head of Learning and Participation, DanceXchange