Helen is a highly experienced and qualified teacher, valued for her commitment to quality, positive energy, and broad skills-base. With over a decade’s experience, she works with people aged 3-60, from established professionals to aspiring movers. Helen is also engaged in regular outreach work with vulnerable young adults and children.

She teaches technique as well as combined-arts learning in schools, universities, vocational training institutions, community centres, as well as to professional dancers. 

body language

Helen provides masterclasses in poetry and dance correlation – particularly how text can enrich the choreographic process. She has worked with vocational dance students at the University of Wolverhampton, The University of Birmingham, The University of Bolton, and leading international festivals such as Poetry International, the Birmingham Lit Fest, and the N.A.W.E. skills & sharing symposium.

schools / interactive sessions

Helen also leads interactive sessions for primary and secondary school teachers, exploring dance as a means of introducing poetry into the classroom. In 2020 Helen re-created a series of poems by vulnerable young women as part of the Made in LDN Speak Out Showcase, HAY Youth Programme, produced by Apple.

Birmingham Lit Fest, / Photography © Wayne Fox 2018